Wayward Wild (W/W) is a New York City-based studio that creates and publishes original content for print, film, and the web.

Formerly No Little Plans, Wayward Wild marks a new partnership for Ryan and Tina Essmaker, cofounders of The Great Discontent, and Brad Smith, founder and former CEO of Virb, who have come together under the W/W banner.

Wayward Wild is home to The Great Discontent (TGD), a magazine featuring interviews on beginnings, creativity, and risk. Launched online in August 2011, TGD began as a passion project and has grown to include a print counterpart, short film series, and a loyal community of readers worldwide.

With an ambitious vision for 2015, the W/W brand will continue to expand, reimagining what exists and dreaming of what is yet to be: global distribution of The Great Discontent magazine, more issues of TGD in print, a podcast series, events, and much more.

W/W is available for select consulting opportunities and film, brand, and editorial projects throughout the year.