Wayward Wild

Wayward Wild is a forward-looking media company that brings together the best principles in technology and editorial to help young websites, podcasts, video series, and publications stay true to their DNA.

A content studio and incubator for written and visual storytelling, audio programming, and systems of thought, Wayward Wild takes a 360 approach to media brands. As a media incubator, we work with content makers to build strong, self-actualized media businesses. We make seed investments, introduce our members to larger audiences, and foster sustainable partnerships with high-quality brands.

As a studio, we invest in ideas and work alongside creative teams to define and implement long-term goals, with integrity. We offer roadmaps, provide access to a network of top-notch graphic designers, writers, and filmmakers — and connect great ideas to frictionless multi-platform experiences.

Born of an acute need to address some of the most difficult questions in the industry today, we believe in the necessity of diverse new perspectives across a variety of media, and the power of technology to advance the conversation.

Our goal is to expand the future for young, independent companies, setting the new normal for media in the process. And we are ready to do anything to see that transition through.