Wayward Wild


We are a tightly-woven, fast-growing team looking to add a few more intelligent humans to our organization in Lower Manhattan. If you're interested in any of the opportunities below, e-mail us with a brief note detailing your experiences along with your résumé and/or portfolio. BTW, you look great today.

Sr. Product Manager

You will plan, delegate, and document all aspects of constantly evolving Wayward Wild projects, both internally and for our brands. You are professionally patient, wonderful at assigning tasks and supporting team members — a.k.a, a great manager. You are also obsessively organized.

Digital Designer

You are a designer with a passion for designing for digital media. Alongside our editorial team and lead designer, you will concept and execute full campaigns for events, social, collateral, and more.

iOS Developer

You are a strong iOS developer who is passionate about mobile app development and delivering high quality products. You have released at least one app to the Apple App Store (if not many more.) You will consistently deliver product releases on hard deadlines. Words like Swift, Cocoa Touch, Xcode, REST, JSON, XML are only a fraction of your vocabulary. You are self-motivated.

Operations Manager

You are an organized people person as well as a big fan of spreadsheets and putting out fires. You will be responsible for managing HR, accounts payable, payroll, and improving organizational communications.

Customer Experience Manager

You are a responsive, motivated, and attentive client support manager. Alongside our project manager, you will work on maintaining the customer interactions for Wayward Wild’s podcast hosting platform. You are an organized problem-solver, and customer satisfaction is a true passion of yours.

Podcast Producer

You will produce, edit, and maintain the schedule of Wayward Wild’s growing portfolio of audio programming. You are an expert at structuring episodes, editing spoken word, and juggling deadlines. In addition to being a keen consumer of podcasts, you can come up with complete ideas of your own, and the drive to package the next big podcast the world needs to know about.