Wayward Wild

Wayward Wild’s media incubator is a professional development program designed to support emerging brands and creatives working in today’s hard-to-survive media climate.

For new media brands, creating content and staying competitive as a small — or solo — team is synonymous with being spread too thin. Meanwhile, on the business side, entrepreneurship involves a lot of risk and investment that independent brands simply cannot afford. Wayward Wild wants to solve both of those problems.

In its current form, Wayward Wild’s one-of-a-kind media incubator program hosts websites, podcasts, newsletters, and print publications. We work closely with brands to identify strengths and weaknesses, invest in sustainable growth and distribution, and foster meaningful partnerships that will outlast their time within our incubator. No two brands are alike, so every member of the incubator has their own roadmap and level of our team’s involvement.

If tech is your hang up, we are your tech company. If editorial is the issue, consider us your editorial team. But really, all we want is to fix what's broken, and help you move on to the next aspect of your business.