Wayward Wild


To transform our media incubator members’ otherwise bootstrapped projects into sustainable businesses, we do our research, invest with creative capital, and provide a vast suite of services. As a full-service studio, we offer the same in-house creative, technology, and advertising expertise à la carte.

Whether you are a young media brand who needs help with design, editorial, and strategy, or a larger organization aiming to innovate and solve complex problems, we can help you achieve those goals, big and small.

Our Products

We are mighty proud of our commitment to advance the technology available in the digital editorial industry. Wayward Wild’s future suite of digital products will be directly available to consumers and businesses alike, and not just reserved for our incubator members or studio clients.

Podcast Management & Distribution

As of October 2016, Wayward Wild has acquired an innovative platform for distributing and syndicating podcasts. Stay tuned as we unveil our first technology product, and our grand plans that complement it.

To Be Announced, 2017

Editorial Content Management, “Project TK”

The modern CMS (content management system) puts editorial needs secondary to those of advertisers. At Wayward Wild, we will focus on a future that builds a seamless experience for content creators and communities alike, while not underserving vital ad partners. Our technology team — previously responsible for founding, building, and scaling Virb, a DIY website builder with tens of thousands of customers worldwide — is on the case building the CMS of the future.

Coming 2017

Our Partnerships

In addition to our in-house studio services and team of specialists, Wayward Wild offers primary access to companies and products which may typically be unaffordable and out-of-reach for small brands and businesses. Our partnerships mean that you — as our client or incubator member — have unfettered access to the services these organizations offer.

Here are just a few of the amazing companies and people we work with.


This one barely requires an introduction — but out of common courtesy — Apple is one of the world’s leading technology companies responsible for designing, developing, and selling preeminent software, electronics, and online services.

Vann Alexandra

Vann Alexandra are public relations specialists who prefer the term “crowd experts.” Their strong suit is preparing, launching, and promoting crowdfunding campaigns, and their up-and-coming company has already raised over $20 million on Kickstarter.

Wythe Hotel

Situated in a refurbished Williamsburg factory near the Brooklyn waterfront, Wythe Hotel is a favorite location for our events in New York City.

Rolland Enterprises

Wayward Wild publications are printed on the highest quality, 100% recycled Rolland paper that also happens to be beautiful. Did we mention that our paper manufacturer’s facilities are biogas energy-driven?

Hemlock Printers

We print exclusively with Hemlock Printers, a carbon neutral printing facility in Vancouver that is strongly committed to environmental awareness and sustainability.

Coast to Coast Newsstand Services

A leading distributor of special interest periodicals in the U.S. and Canada, all Wayward Wild publications and clients are distributed domestically and internationally through Coast to Coast.

Our Creative Partners

Young Jerks

Typeface. Lettering. Logo design. The Young Jerks have created a visual brand identity for Wayward Wild and we’ve gotta say, we love it. They have also worked with clients like the New York Times, MTV, the Ace Hotel, Carhartt, and McSweeney’s. We are excited to redefine the identities of select incubator brands with the help of this scrappy Brooklyn-based studio.

Lotta Nieminen

An illustrator, graphic designer, and art director, Lotta studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Rhode Island School of Design. After working for the Finnish fashion magazine Trendi, Pentagram, and RoAndCo, she now runs her own New York-based studio. Her clients include Hermès, Google, the New York Times, Volkswagen, IBM, Monocle, Newsweek, New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, and Bloomberg Businessweek. And potentially, you.

John Morthanos

John Morthanos is an expert in circulation and newsstand delivery, a field as niche and pivotal as some of our publications. Having worked in single-copy sales, audience development, creative services, and budget management for large-scale companies like Ziff Davis as well as special interest magazines, John is adept at handling magazines and circulations of all sizes.

Our Clients